About Us


Our Pastors

Reverend Lawrence, along with his lovely wife Reverend Sharon, serve as Pastors of Abounding Grace Church International in Clinton, Maryland.  They lead weekly services with an anointed message of Grace and Transformation for the heart, mind and total lives of the global community that God has called them to serve. 

Reverend Lawrence and Sharon have traveled internationally, preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They also serve as esteemed panelists, workshop speakers at conferences and lead anointed worship services that take congregations’ right into the presence of the Lord! 

Pastors Lawrence and Sharon are the spiritual son and daughter of the late beloved Walter E., and esteemed Apostle Dr. Carmen Y. Lattimore of Victory Church International in Fort Washington, Maryland.   Both are proud  graduates of the Five Fold Development Institute (A Greater Works Ministry), Bible College; they were ordained into the gospel ministry, on February 23. 2013. 


Our History

We started as a prayer fellowship with a group of covenant friends.  The first meeting was held at Pastors Lawrence and Sharon residence in Clinton, Maryland on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. 

The prayer team met faithfully on Tuesday’s and coined their gathering “Tuesday Night Live”.   As the prayer fellowship gained traction, they moved into the community and held weekly CommUnity Bible Studies at both the Clinton-Surratts and Oxon Hill Libraries for a broader demographic reach. 

After much prayer and consultation with Apostle Dr. 

Carmen Y. Lattimore about the call of God on their lives, on Sunday, November 11, 2018, God gave Pastors Lawrence and Sharon a hearty salute by sending them 12 seasoned ministers and professionals from various administrative and technical disciplines to assist with the operational and foundational aspects of forming a church.   This gave birth to "3"  Pre Launch Services (February 17, 2019; March 17, 2019, and April 28, 2019) and the Pastoral Installation Service, planned May 18, 2019.   

The launch team dedicated countless hours, resources and volunteer time in preparation for the ministry to move forward in the power of God.  The divine amen came on Sunday, February 17, 2019, at 5:00pm.   Abounding Grace Church International (AGCI) held its first Pre Launch community outreach service and called it “Sunday Night Live.”  The service was held at the Colony South Hotel in Clinton Maryland.   The glory of the Lord filled the room as worshipers gave God all the glory for the great work that He had done. During the service, it was stated that AGCI was having a “Baby Shower” in preparation for its official launch; however, to everyone’s surprise, at the closing of the service, Apostle Dr. Carmen Y. Lattimore gave a compelling call, and six attendees came forward.   The “water broke” for the ministry, and the baby which Pastors Lawrence and Sharon had been carrying in their spirit was delivered before all in attendance. 

During the week following, Pastors Lawrence and Sharon jumped into action, pulling from all of the  ministerial training gained at Victory Church International of 25+ years by calling on its Launch Team and other ministry supporters who stood with them in prayer and counsel.   They personally made telephone calls to the six members that came forward on Sunday, February 17th, to invite them to an abbreviated worship service and a brief meeting afterwards.  The service took place on Sunday, February 24, 2019, at 9:30am at the Colony South Hotel.   Again, the place was refilled with worshipers in anticipation of what the Lord had started. An altar call was extended and seven more parishioners came forward. 

After the service, Pastors Lawrence and Sharon cleared the room and met with everyone who came forward to join themselves to the AGCI movement, and they all gave a vote that Pastors Lawrence and Sharon would be their spiritual covering.   Immediately following the service, the Patterson’s continued to hold weekly Bible Study and Intercessory Prayer Meetings and prepared the new members for the Right Hand of Fellowship. 


OUR charter members

On Sunday, April 14, 2019 at the 9:30am service, after a 6 week orientation Pastors Lawrence and Sharon Patterson gave the Right Hand of Fellowship to 15 chartered members and God has been adding to the AGCI family daily those destined to experience Where Grace and Transformation Abide under the anointed teaching, preaching and discipleship of Pastors Lawrence and Sharon Patterson.


Our focus

Abounding Grace Church International is multifaceted.  We preach and teach the ministry of holiness, kingdom building, covenant, deliverance, how to experience God in worship, how to deal with sin, how to relate to one another, and how to love one another while modeling it yourself!  Other teachings include; discipleship, healing, evangelism, stewardship, wealth management and entrepreneurship.   As people are transformed by the renewing of their mind, they can be taught and motivated (Jeremiah 33:6 KJV; Romans 7:12 KJV; Galatians 3:26-29 KJV).  Thus we:

  • Expect God to move mightily;
  • Exemplify ministerial excellence;
  • Seek ways to advance in kingdom service;
  • Model servant leadership in ministry; and
  • Study to show ourselves approved and accountable.